Moses’s life story

Moses is 14 years old, he was born normal like any other child but at the age of one and a half years he suffered from malaria unfortunately Moses’s mother was not able to take him to the health center as soon as possible due to lack of transport since the health centers are far from where she stays on the showers of lake Victoria. Therefore Moses’s mother had no choice but to treat her son with local medicine then she later took Moses to the hospital when he was very sick experiencing convulsions, he was treated but the malaria left him with floppy body and the doctor told the mother that Moses will improve slowly with the help of exercises and balanced diet, “Moses mother said”, the doctor added that Moses has got a disability called Mugogo (cerebral palsy) which can be healed.

At the age of 5 Moses was diagnosed with HIV/ AIDS which he got through mother to child. To make the matter worse Moses was not given an opportunity to start ARVS treatment, the mother say that they thought Moses is going to die so soon since he has CP. Right now Moses is 15 years old still surviving and straggling to live with CP and HIV. However Moses’s life is in a critical condition that needs agent intervention because the mother says that it’s hard for her to get food especially for Moses since he cannot chew food hence his very selective on what he eats.



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