Linking children and older persons with cerebral palsy to rehabilitation and health centres

Prior to UNAC project, Cerebral palsy was largely viewed as mental disability according to the information provided by caretakers and parents of children with CP. Many attributed it to curses and witchcraft. The Association has continued to identify and refer people with Cerebral palsy that need therapy to service points including Mulago clinic, Nkokonjeru Providence Home and COMBRA, among others.

Therapy has helped a number of children and youths live better life.

Before UNAC intervention


In 2012, when the team first visited Winnie Nakabuye, a child with Cerebral Palsy, it was established that she would be left alone in the compound crying and flies all over her while the grand mother would be in the garden digging and getting food for the daily living. The grandmother had no income and found it hard to take care of the child as seen in the first photo.

After UNAC intervention


After sensitization on the appropriate care and nutrition, Winnie can now feed more easily and she is able to sit without assistance. This is a big change from the first situation.

According to Sister Juliet Ideu of the Nkokonjeru Providence home in Buikwe district, the home which has been providing services to the children and the elderly for the last 80 years has so far handled 305 children with CP including the outpatients.

“5 of the children with CP who received psychotherapy went back to school. Among those who have been attended to, a good number can sit, stand and do many things they were not able to do before.” Sister Juliet Ideu

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