In 2011, NUDIPU entered in partnership with Spasitika Association Denmark and secured funding to implement activities targeting people with Cerebral Palsy in Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono and Buikwe districts.

This was the first funding that resulted into the formation of Uganda National Association of Cerebral palsy (UNAC).


Key activities

  1. Mobilization and registration of people with Cerebral Palsy in Uganda. These were the initial activities that were conducted with Cerebral Palsy project in central region (Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono and Buikwe) to form the association. Through mobilization exercise, 142 (87 are males and 55 are females) people with Cerebral Palsy were registered. The association intends to continue with the mobilization to cover other regions in the country. So far, the organization has covered 4 districts out of the total 112 districts in Uganda representing 3.6% of the total coverage. This is attributed to limited funding. The association continues to mobilize and sensitize the parents/caregivers, teachers, stakeholders, physiotherapists and youth with CP about Cerebral palsy. This activity is conducted throughout the year to enable UNAC reach more family and community members with information about Cerebral Palsy.
  2. Public awareness on Cerebral Palsy: In order to create public awareness about the rights of people with Cerebral palsy, UNAC embarked on public awareness through radio talk shows, newspaper supplement and community meetings targeting parents and community leaders in the target districts. This is a continuous process and has been done throughout the years since its formation. The sensitization workshops for youth with CP, parents and caretakers, local leaders have contributed the increased knowledge and understanding of Cerebral Palsy in the districts covered.
  3. Advocacy for the inclusion of specific of people with CP in the government and NGOs programs and Through advocacy, a number of institutions including COMBRA, Nkokonjeru Providence Home and Katalemwa Cheshire Home started providing physiotherapy and other services to people with Cerebral palsy.
  4. Training people with CP, especially those in leadership positions on how to manage their association. The Association has been conducting training of UNAC interim Executive Committee and other members on leadership, mobilization of members and organizational management.



With the funding from Spasitika association in Denmark, the Cerebral Palsy project managed to produce the following achievements

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