Cerebral palsy and leadership…!
Mr. Muhumuza Stephen did not let Cerebral palsy (CP) prevent him from doing things “normal”. Stephen is 41 year old and a father of five daughters. He acquired CP since his childhood. Stephen a former Chairperson and also Vice chairperson of UNAC has served for COMBRA Kiwanga Mukono in many leadership roles. For example Acting Executive Director since 2016 and Projector Coordinator up-to-date. He’s motivated to be a leader so as to express his ability and change attitudes of communities to wards people with CP. “More often than not, people with Cerebral palsy are misunderstood, shunned and kept indoors by the society. And, after being declared medically fit by Physiotherapist and discharged from Rehabilitation centres, many of them have to rely on the support of local charities for temporary housing, skill trainings and being rehabilitated back with their families or into communities.” Says Stephen.
“He continues being a human right activist for people with CP through advocating for potential needs and inclusion in communities”, says the father of five with resolve adding, “I am still health, I don’t do anything wrong to change the negative attitude of the society.”
However there is a need for more support leaders of people with Cerebral palsy in communities.

Written by Bychance Emmanuel -UNAC

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