Cerebral palsy is no more for Nabunya….!!
“A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere until you change it”. Nabunya Hellen’s life represents determination and hope amidst life hardships. Living with cerebral palsy since childhood did not stop her from operating a knitting business. In a day Nabunya makes over 7 to 10 sweaters for school children each at a cost of 15,000/= Uganda shillings on school order and for ordinary customers each sweater costs 30,000/= Uganda shillings.
A residence of Mulango parish in Kampala suburb, Hellen (31 years old) and single lady was raised by her Aunt Josephine (a Sister to her father) after all parents passed away. Nabunya studied at Muntundwe primary school and joined Mary Reparatrix Single secondary school for girls in Entebbe Bugoga where she completed A-level.
Later Nabunya was supported by Health Home initiative organisation in collaboration with International Labour organisation that enabled her acquire vocational training skills in Knitting. She thanked Uganda National Association of cerebral palsy for capacity building support and knowledge skill in managing small business. “This has enabled me manage my business well, meet all basic needs and get more connections to other customers”. Says Nabunya.
However Nabunya faces a number of changes in her small business which includes; technical machine breakdown and repairing it is costly, Knitting yarns are expensive to buy each goes to 17000/= Ugandan shillings due to increase in price, Delay of customers to pay in time after taking sweaters and House rent is very expensive compared to profit earned. All she need is a tailoring machine and another knitting machine to open-up a small training workshop and trains other interested people especially people with disabilities.

This article was written by Bychance Emmanuel from UNAC

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